White shoes look really great when they are crisp and clean. However, it becomes important that you know how you will keep them clean so that they maintain that stylish and crisp appeal. Dependent on the material of the shoes, you can either wash them in the washing machine or hand wash them.

1. Clean Your Shoes By Hand

If you are washing your white shoes by hand, fill up a basin with warmed water. Now take a cloth and place it into the warm water. Lather a laundry detergent or Dawn Dish soap onto the cloth and rub the cloth over the white areas of the shoes.

Now scrub your shoes using a stiff-bristle brush. Concentrate on any stained areas to ensure all stains are removed. For tough stains you may want to use one of these techniques:

• A Magic Eraser is really great for those stubborn stains. Make sure that you use protective gloves before using this product.

• Another technique involves using toothpaste as an abrasive. Apply the toothpaste to a soft brush and then use circular motions over the stains.

Once you have finished cleaning your shoes, dip another cloth into clean water and proceed to wipe away all the soap from the surface of your shoes. Now lay the shoes on a dry and clean towel to air-dry. You may want to fill your shoes with paper towels. The towels will absorb any excess moisture and speed up the drying time. This method also assists the shoes in maintaining their shape while they dry.

2. Using A Washing Machine

If you want to clean white shoes by washing your shoes in a washing machine, start off by spot treating any stubborn stains. You can use a brush or a cloth to remove debris and dirt from the surface of the shoes. Follow this by spraying a stain remover like Shout onto the stains. Now brush the stains using a soft bristle brush. If you want a more sophisticated step-by-step guide instructions, check https://howtocleanwhite.com — guys did a great job collecting every tip to help you clean your white stuff flawlessly.

If your shoes have shoelaces such as canvas shoes, make sure you take the laces out before placing your shoes into the washing machine. Avoid washing the laces with your shoes, unless the shoelaces are also white. This is because the dye in the shoelaces can transfer onto your white shoes.

Now add a small amount of your preferred laundry detergent and wash on a warm cycle. Avoid washing your shoes with other items of clothing or any other shoes. You should always check on the label that can usually be found inside the shoes for the preferred cleaning instructions. The label will be able to tell you if you can wash your shoes in a washing machine.

When the washing cycle is over you can choose to allow the shoes to air dry or you can put them in a dryer. Once again check the label to make sure that you are able to dry your shoes in a dryer. If the instructions state that you should not use a dryer, then place the shoes on a dry and clean towel to air dry.

If you let your shoes air dry, use paper towel inside the shoes to absorb any excess water and to minimize the drying time. This method also assists in helping the shoes to maintain their original shape while they dry.

You should only re-lace your white shoes once the shoes are completely dry. This step is very important when the shoelaces are another color other than white. This is because the dye in the shoelaces can stain your white shoes, especially when the fabric is still wet.